Yes, you will be able to use Venmo on Amazon. If you buy something via Amazon, then you’re using Venmo as well.

Amazon will soon be supporting Venmo on their site for merchants that use Amazon’s marketplace. Of course, if you go through Amazon’s checkout process, youll need to include your credit card information when you buy something using their platform. And you can only use it for purchases that take place in the US. Venmo does give you the option to use it to buy things from outside of the US, but youll have to enter your credit card information for these transactions.

Amazon has a limited amount of merchant accounts for their merchants, so it can’t actually use Venmo to purchase anything from outside of the United States. But Amazon will actually support Venmo on the site.

There are currently no merchant accounts on the Amazon platform for Venmo. However, it is possible to buy items with Venmo on Amazon using your credit card.

There’s a new Venmo integration in the works, but Amazon is still working through the process of approving merchants for it. In the meantime, we’ve heard from other merchants who are looking into it, and we’ll update this article as more merchants join the process.

So I guess one of the things that Amazon is working on is allowing merchants to put an account on the site. I wouldn’t be surprised if Amazon does eventually support Venmo for merchants, but it isn’t too likely to happen soon.

It sounds like theyre just talking about creating a merchant account. Theres also the possibility that merchants could pay for Venmo (the service) to allow them to use the service for free. Amazon can still block and require use of new accounts to be approved for the service.

Yes, Venmo is already available to merchants, but it is still pretty limited and only allows you to send money to people that you already know, or have an account with the Venmo app. You can still spend money on (or other merchants) directly, though.

You could try using Venmo as a way to buy Amazon gift cards, but I recommend going with PayPal. If you’re not already using PayPal, I suggest trying out Venmo to see if it’s for you.

I’m not sure if I should be using Venmo, or Amazon gift cards, myself, but it seems like a good idea to experiment. I’m going to give Amazon a try and see how well they work for me.

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