Technology and fashion are both industries that have a lot of opportunities for the design professions. Designing and creating things that are both high-tech and fashionable is a skill that is in high demand.

This means that if you’re designing for a fashion client, you should probably be designing for a technology client. Technology-based businesses are a very large segment of the design universe, so you might not see your designers as being as trendy as some of the others.

In addition to fashion, technology and fashion also often overlap because both are high-tech industries and both are very high-fashion. Technology companies are very keen to hire designers who are in fashion because fashion is a very high-tech skill, so it’s no surprise that tech companies hire fashion designers.

The two industries where we see the most overlap are technology and fashion. It’s not just because of the fact that the two industries are often linked: they are related to each other in many ways. The fact that technology and fashion are both high-fashion industries means that they can be high-tech industries too. The same goes for technology companies hiring fashion designers (which are also high-fashion industries), and for fashion designers hiring technology companies (which are also high-tech industries).

The idea that a company would hire a fashion designer because she was a fashion designer might seem odd, but that’s exactly how this works in the real world. Most fashion designers are also technology people. For instance, I worked for a fashion designer who was a VP on a technology company. Fashion designers are also a high-tech industry. In fact, the fashion industry is also a major high-tech industry.

The reason we hire fashion designers is because of how much they can learn about how high tech things work. We have a lot of fashion designers working for our fashion magazine, and we have the Fashion Industry Association which is a group of organizations that includes all of the major fashion designers, stylists, clothing designers, and fashion show producers. We also have the Fashion Industry Institute which is an outside organization that researches and researches the technology industry, and how they use it.

In addition to fashion designers, many other industries use high-tech and fashion: computers, electronics, aerospace, computer security, energy, transportation, medicine, and many others. So it’s not surprising that high-tech and fashion often work well together.

It seems like in our own industry, high-tech and fashion work very well, and in fact, it seems like the combination of the two is probably the best thing that could happen to us all. We don’t have to worry about whether our designs are going to break at the seams or break down the sides. We don’t have to worry about how our outfits look in public.

Also, don’t think that high-tech and fashion are the only ways to make a living. A lot of the things we wear are also things we use, or things that are used. So it’s not like we can just throw on a hoodie and call it a day. Sometimes people who work in high-tech will wear their hoodies to work just so they can show off their work, or show off their new iPhone.

Sometimes it is the use of the technology that makes the wear more of a statement. When I first worked in a tech company, I wore my hoodie on the office floor. It was very important to me at work that I could wear my hoodie in public and make people believe that I was the person I really was and not some guy who just walked around in a hoodie.

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