I’m not an app developer, but I do know that I have not been an active user of the facebook app for a long time. I’m not a Facebook fan, but I’ve been a fan for a long time.

I did not know that facebook reviews take so long. But they do. Many of the most popular facebook apps are not very good at all at the task of reviewing their own apps. The apps that do it the best are those that are highly rated and have large user bases. You can see that in the app ratings.

What’s that? That’s a big number.

I’m not really sure what that is either. Its a number that is displayed in your app’s overview window. If your app gets a very big thumbs down, the whole thing is suspended until the app is restored to a higher rating. This can be quite annoying if you have a lot of apps on your feed that need to be reviewed (which my feed does). Sometimes this can take a while too.

The problem with most app ratings is that they don’t really tell you what the app is actually about, or how long it took you to make it. You need to do a little digging to find out what your app is actually about. While looking at your app’s review is a great way to find out what your app is about, it is a lousy way to get a sense of the whole app.

Facebook’s main review tool doesn’t do a great job of telling you what your app is about, and even if it did, the site itself is extremely inconsistent. As a result it is a great place to look for apps, but it may not be the most informative of places to do so.

You could look at the apps of any of the big social networking sites, but they are all very different. It is possible to use the app review function of Facebook to figure out how long your app takes to review. The good news is that Facebooks review tool can also be used in many other places, so I encourage you to try it out, it can be very useful.

The main challenge for Facebook is its lack of consistency. As with most apps, there’s more than one review page in Facebook and you can see all of them at once. You can also see the reviews of the apps you have reviewed.

I have been using the app in the past to see how long it takes for the reviews to appear, and I don’t have that data. The main thing I wanted to know was how long it takes for Facebook to make good on its commitment to review your app.

To put it simply, Facebook does review almost as quickly as it releases an app. It does a lot of work to try and catch issues before they affect people, but its also very good at keeping issues from the public.

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