Facebook is an online social network that allows you to easily keep in touch with your social circle and friends. Facebook’s algorithm is usually pretty quick in getting your picture approved, but there are always exceptions, and this one certainly met all of them.

The Facebook algorithm takes about 15 seconds to approve a photo, and even if it was approved quickly, the social network is still going to review it for the next 14 days to see if there’s any edits that need to be made. The time it takes to get the approval can be a huge factor in the popularity of your photo.

It makes sense that your picture might be considered for review if you have a lot of friends, as most people have a lot of friends. There are a lot more pictures of people with friends than without, and the more friends you have, the easier it is to get your picture approved.

The fact is that Facebook is still working on it’s new “blogging” system. But you’ll have to check it out to get it. I’ve got a couple of screenshots at the end of this post, but the first one is of a Facebook fan. I don’t know if they all saw it, but the first picture is of a Facebook fan.

A lot of people are posting pictures on Facebook without realizing that they are posting pictures of people rather than just pictures of people. As a result, many of these pictures are going through the approval process because they have a lot more friends than their photos show, and the more friends you have, the less likely Facebook is to see a picture as more than just a picture of someone.

There are a few tricks to getting around this. I like the “friend count” trick. If you have a lot of friends, then they might see a picture of you, which you could then add to your “friends” page. I also like the “fan count” trick. If someone has a lot of Facebook friends (and you have a lot too), they might see your picture.

Fan count is a good one because most of us have a lot more Facebook friends than we do people in real life. But fan count is not always a good idea. Facebook will look at your friends and friends of friends and friends of friends until it hits 10,000 and then the game will start. So you have to get a lot of friends to get 10,000 fans. Of course, there are some people who you can ignore who will still see your picture even without friends.

You can ignore some of your friends who don’t have a Facebook account. I’ve personally seen this happen to me with friends of friends. But as a general rule it’s best to get as many people as you can to your fan page, then filter the people who don’t want to see your pictures.

A friend of mine was like this. He was a facebook big shot and he had over 10,000 friends. One day he did a promotion to make more friends, but then he didn’t update his fan page. I guess that would be a violation of facebook rules.

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