It’s essential to consistently publish high quality SEO content that is highly appealing your market.A moderate strategy to maintain competitiveness is to publish blogs or SEO content once or twice per week – a more aggressive and often recommended strategy is to publish content daily.Across nearly every industry, quality SEO content will improve your user experience and help your business become notable among a sea of competitors. Anyone can buy YouTube subscribers with ease. 

You should leverage keyword data for new topic ideas but also perform your own additional research into what your target market is demanding through custom surveys

Quality SEO content helps you develop an audience, improve your organic SEO rankings and build your authority

If your content – no matter how great it is – isn’t optimized for the web by SEO content writers, the piece will be swallowed up by savvy competitors and their expert copywriting skills.

What’s the use in creating a killer piece if it ranks on page 50 of Google’s search results?

And how can you write high quality content that is both compelling and optimized, but still appeals to your target audience? Discover the basics, below.

Know your niche

Before you even begin, you must nail your niche (buyer personas). By understanding the specifics of who you’re writing for, what you’re writing about and the questions that need answering, you’re already ahead of your competition.

Words, phrases, paragraphs and style all have a part to play in deciding who your content is tailored to. As is researching popular keywords.

It’s all about creating useful and shareable stories that spike interest and provoke users to promote through social media.

This will also improve search rankings if Google notes the relevance and success of your post.

Instead of simply regurgitating content that’s already out there, question the authority and value of what you can offer and the elements that set your platform apart from the rest.

Another benefit of knowing your niche and creating your persona is that you will get highly-targeted email subscribers for your business. The industry may seem vastly saturated, but only by asserting yourself as an expert in your field will you succeed.

Write snappy headlines

You may have previously been told to never judge a book by its cover, but in SEO-speak, crafting the perfect headline is integral to boosting your click-through rate.

On average, five times as many people read the headline as the body copy. So, if your title text isn’t giving off an outstandingly-clickable first impression, nobody will read your content.

The most effective headlines are those that communicate an idea or a specific message.

For example, the inclusion of numbers such as “7 ways” or “10 of the best” promise specific answers to questions and suggests readability. Our brains are wired to find this style more attractive.

It’s all in the numerical psychology! Humans love lists. Coming in a close second are personalized headlines; “ways you” and “how you can” etc. These topics suggest that they’ll benefit your life and divulge helpful information. Make sure to include your keyword in your title and fit it all under 65 characters, as this will make the entire headline visible in search engine results and therefore increase click-through rates.

Shape your copy

It’s beneficial to hire skilled SEO content writers to avoid flimsy or shallow content, as this lacks value and is subject to failure. A typical post should be around 1000 words, depending on topic and detail. You should also aim to update your blog 2-3 times a week, as search engines feed on fresh content.

This will improve your chances of jumping ranks and growing organic traffic.

In terms of body copy, it’s important to focus on 3 main elements; boldness, clarity and writing in active voice.

Shorten or split lengthy sentences and edit anything that risks being too dense or complicated. Get rid of adverbs and weak phrases and instead pick words with force.

You’ve managed to entice readers onto your site, so don’t lose them at the first hurdle!

Write strong meta descriptions

Meta descriptions are basically a concise explanation of your page’s content.

They are the final steps to take before publishing a piece, as they give search engines and potential readers a brief overview.

They hold more power than you think! This snippet determines whether people will click and how highly you rank in search results.

For SEO purposes, the meta description should be under 155 characters. Your must also include your target keyword, as this demonstrates the relevance of your page in a user’s search. Shape your description in a succinct and compelling way, perhaps adding in a call-to-action if it fits, to ensure the most effective click-through rate.

Verify that each description differs from the last and never duplicate the text, as Google will flag this up. Writers with SEO content experience should make your meta descriptions both compelling and properly optimize them for the search engines.

Insert keywords

Keyword-rich phrases used sporadically within copy, title and introduction is another important factor to ensure good SEO optimization.

Never be too zealous with insertion though, as keyword stuffing will just make content look badly written.

It will also put you at risk of being penalized by search engines, as Google flags up excessive word use as spam.

It is important for you to sprinkle related keywords or LSI keywords. These are not just synonyms, but LSI keywords are sentimentally related to your main keyword.

For example, Google can determine the keyword “dentist” is related as “dental” or “dentistry.”

Promote relevant page links

By integrating page links into your post, you’re essentially proving to Google that you’re connected and willing to share your bank of useful content with other readers.

You can do this by linking to relevant sources and pages externally or through your own site.

Linking appropriate anchor text is also an ideal way to hyperlink, yet still ensure your content reads smoothly.

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