Photo motion or photomontage is more like a slideshow displaying hundreds of photos in fun sequences. Your photos only appear for a fraction of a second and are arranged artistically.

Your amazing collection of pictures can be put together to create a visually stunning movie. You can create a masterpiece and recreate magical moments of your life. A PPT has always been a way to create visuals using photographs, but it cannot be shared socially on digital platforms.

So what’s the solution? There are several photo video makers with music tools online that you can use to create videos from images. 

Read on to learn how you can do this.

Tips and Techniques to Create a Magical Video Using Pictures

Decide What Kind of Video You Want to Make

It is very important to decide and plan a theme. It is recommended to choose a central theme that resonates with your business or brand.

Induce creativity and justify the purpose of the video by working on the basic theme of the video. If you want to introduce a new product or service, you must include the top-selling products and highlight HD images of all the products to create a great video with minimal effort.

You can also make a time-lapse video using several photographs showing the evolution or growth of a certain thing.

Use the Right Hardware

You can use pictures from your smartphone, use a DSLR to take professional photos, or appoint professionals to take HD photos which you can add to your video.

You also need a good system to use the video software, where you can download the images, edit them skilfully, store them, and market them accordingly.

Use the Right Tools

You must use the right software to create videos from photos and add relevant copyright-free music. You need an appropriate and free photo to video maker to create an attractive and professional video with pictures that can evoke the right emotions.

Formulate an Appropriate Schedule

Images play a very important role in revealing and signifying your message through a story. It is important to make sure that you capture your photos accurately and that they go well together.

Your filming or video schedule depends on various factors like photographic documentation of your surroundings, allocating the right time frame, and giving it the right finish.

Use the Right Kind of Images

When you start creating videos from photos, the most important element of your project will be the images themselves. You cannot create a video masterpiece from poor-quality images.

Your smartphone is enough to generate high-quality images. The aim is to convey your brand story through stunning images. Make sure the photos are not too generic and are specifically related to your business.

Pick a theme that resonates with your brand. Your viewer can watch the video to chat, start a discussion or learn more about anything.

Editing Your Video, the Right Way

You can make a video with pictures, and you can add music with free video editing software available online. 

There are a few general steps you can follow to incorporate your favorite photos and edit them consciously by changing the timing, adding transitions, and including relevant music to create stunning photo presentations for business or personal use.

Step 1

Add pictures from your gallery by dragging and dropping to the timeline and putting them in the right order as you would like them to appear in the visual presentation.

Step 2

Add transitions between photos. In order to improve the flow of your video, apply current effects and unique transitions to your video.

Step 3

Add a soundtrack to your video. Now is the time to add music to the timeline toolbar. Here you can use the drop-down lists to search and explore several different track options. Select music from your music box, copyright-free music online, or from the music library to animate your video.

You can use the fade-in and fade-out options to add the right style of music to the background of your promo video.

Save, Share, and Market Your Video

When you’re done saving the video, you can use the “Export” tab to upload them online directly to social media sites or YouTube, or even to your computer. Make sure your video is formatted to the right size.

Share it on YouTube, and social media channels like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Snapchat, Twitter, etc., and promote it within your workgroup channels. Prompt your family and friends to share it on their respective channels and see how the magic of your video can enhance your brand image and business branding. 

You must consider the following points when it comes to posting and sharing on social media platforms:

  • Follow a creative storyline; that would hook the viewers as opposed to a drab one filled with jargon or generic information
  • Help people engage with your video by giving your target audience something they’ve never seen before
  • Get the right algorithm and keep your videos between 2 to 10 minutes
  • Have well-written titles, descriptions, hashtags, and an introduction to reveal all aspects needed; make it memorable and include keywords in the most natural form

It is important to add the right CTA towards the end of the video, marking your intended objective clearly. You can put your contact details, promotional offers, or other key business-related information when you publicize your video.

You can make your video a huge success by using the right tools.

To Wrap Up

Gone are the days when people used PowerPoint presentations to reveal the beauty and authenticity of fascinating pictures. Now you can materialize a video masterpiece using stunning images from your gallery and present it to your audience. 

You can combine your products and services, branding, and passion for making your video a masterpiece. It is quite easy to build an amazing video made from pictures; you just need to add the right emotion to it to capture your audience, eventually meeting the end objective.

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