1×2 is the most straightforward house edge among bet types at betting sites. Also, because of its precise nature, it has attracted a lot of players. 

What is a 1×2 bet?

1×2 bet, also known as European bet in football betting. This factor is the most common and simplest form of betting available at the bookies. Accordingly, players only need to bet on three doors to draw – win-lose. In a 1×2 ball bet:

• one stands for home team winning bets.

• X represents a draw between 2 teams.

• 2 is a bet that the away team will win.

No matter the match’s score, it will not affect the outcome of this bet. You can bet at Ku casino on your favorite team. But it is best for you to refer to the odds to choose the most qualified team.

Rules and how to bet 1×2 at the bookie KUBET

Currently, there are two popular types of 1×2 bets:

1×2 bet for the whole match

Accordingly, two teams with a non-handicap method in a designated match to conduct the competition. The way to bet at https://kubet77.win/ is that the player will proceed to choose 1 of the three forms mentioned above. Bets placed on a successful game are considered valid bets. Note that this bet will not count the result of extra time.

Handicap 1×2 1st half

The way to bet with this bet is that you will choose the home team to win, the two groups to tie, or the away team to win during the first half. The result of the first half will include the official 45-minute playing time and extra time. All successful bets are considered valid.

How to calculate a 1×2 bet?

Calculating European odds (1×2): Win = Bet x Odds – Bet.

For you to better understand how to calculate the 1×2 (European) bet, we will take an example to illustrate:

Example 1: Manchester City vs. Wolverhampton Wanderers in the Premier League.

In this match, you choose two bets. Each bet is $ 100: Manchester City won the first half with a win rate of 1.19; Win the whole match win rate is 1.62. 

After the first half and the match end, there will be the following possibilities:

• Bet 1×2 half 1: Manchester City takes the lead (1 -0, 2-0, 2-1), and you win the bet to receive 100 x 1.19 = 119$ (including 100$ bet and profit. 19$ profit). Manchester City draws by Wolverhampton Wanderers. You lose the bet, lose a $100 bet.

• Bet 1×2 match: Manchester City wins the final. You win the bet to receive 100 x1.62 = $162 ($100 of original and $62 of winning profit). Manchester City draw or lose the match, you lose the bet 100$.

Example 2: Juventus vs. Spezia in Serie A

In this match, you choose to bet on the odds: 1st half, bet Spezia to draw 100$, the odds are 11. Match: Juventus won 100$. The odds of winning the bet are 1.68. After the first half and the match ends, the following situations will occur:

• 1×2 1st half: Spezia drew Juventus in the first half (0-0.1-1). You win the bet and receive 100×11=1100$ (original $ 100 and $ 1000 profit won). Spezia wins or loses against Juventus. You lose the bet and lose $100.

• Bet 1×2 for the whole match: Juventus wins the match. You win the chance to receive 100×1.68 = $ 168 (including $ 68 profit). Juventus draws or loses to Spezia. You lose the bet and lose $100.

The most effective 1×2 betting experience

After you know what a 1×2 bet is, please refer to some of the following betting experiences at Kubet:

It is recommended to place bets 3-5 days before the match takes place

People should bet 3-5 days in advance to win Europe easily. According to many experienced players, this is when the house does not have much impact on the odds.

Near the match date, you should not place European bets because, at this time, the house will jump continuously. Thus, it will be challenging to predict to catch the chance.

Analyze the team situation well

Not only European but also Asian or Over-Under, you should take the time to analyze and study relevant information such as:

The force correlation between the two teams by player’s performance and team’s history of the confrontation of two teams the injury situation, and the importance of the match also in consideration. Then, based on the collected data, bet the most accurate way.

Always keep a cool head.

When playing football betting, people should keep a cool head and not be too hasty to decide. In addition, you should also pay attention to the following points:

• Based on the judgment of the bookie to see which team is strong and weak, thanks to written symbols. Typically, the club marked in red is the higher-rated team, and the black team is the weaker team.

• Based on handicap: Since the strong team always has to accept the weaker team, you should rely on this to make an informed decision.

• Based on the odds offered by the bookie: You should focus on the rafters table because often, The team with the higher rating will have the lowest odds. People are not foolish to see the high odds that they all go to the house.

Do not bet by the majority.

The majority when betting at Ku casino is not always the correct decision, especially for games that rely on many factors, such as football betting. Therefore, you should trust and be consistent with your choice. You do not need to trust the majority completely. People will likely fall into a “pit” because of the following misinformation.

1×2 bet on kubet best bookie in Vietnam

In the above article, KUBET has answered your questions about what is 1×2 bet. This element is a straightforward and quite popular form of betting. So if everyone wants to experience it, please register at KUBET to join today.

What is a 1/4 handicap? How to read and play 1/4 correctly

The 1/4 handicap is one of the bookmakers’ most popular betting types. Many players in Asian rafters prefer odds of 1/4. For more detailed information, please refer to the article below of Kubet. What is a 1/4 handicap?

The 1/4 handicap is betting by players as the half-left ball. Currently, on some bookies, it is also denoted with the name 0.25 or rafter 0/0.5. Accordingly, the player can understand that the stronger evaluation team will accept the left side of the bottom 1/4.

If you choose this bet to place in a match, the following cases will occur:

• You bet on which will win the bet if that team wins the overall.

• If you place a bet on the bottom, you will win the bet if that team wins regardless of the score.

• In the event of a tie, the player who bets on the top team will lose half of the money, and the member who bets on the bottom team will get half of the money.

For examplea match between FC Barcelona and Real Madrid. Barca

The team that is rated higher, so it will handicap the remaining team with 0.25 left. Accordingly, if you bet on the top team to win, the following situations will occur:

• You will eat your entire bet if Barca wins with any score.

• Player loses all bets if Real Madrid wins.

• In case both teams end the match in a tie, you will lose half of your bet. Those who bet Real Madrid to win will eat half of the money.

How to play 1/4. handicap

As mentioned above, handicap ¼ means that the higher rated team will handicap the weak team ¼ left. So:

• In case the handicapped team wins the match regardless of the score, the player who bets will win the full money.

• In case both teams tie, the handicap team will lose half the money, and the bottom team will get half the money.

• In case the bottom team wins with any score, they will still get all the money.

Example 1 of 1/4. handicap

The table above shows a match between Germany and France in the framework of the UEFA Nations League.

There, we see that Germany is the team with the upper hand, the French handicap is ¼, the bonus rate if the top team wins is 0.84, and the bottom team is 1.0. If you bet 200 USD on the top team, the following cases will happen:

• If Germany wins, you will get all the money. The bonus amount you get is 200 x 0.84 = 168 USD.

• If France wins, you lose your entire bet.

• If both teams tie, you will lose half of your bet of $100, and the dealer will refund the player the other half of $100.

Example 2 of 1/4. handicap

According to the table above, Kubet guided you to see the match between Ecuador and Japan in the Copa America 2019 tournament framework. Ecuador is the top team.

In the group match, the top team handicapped the bottom by 0-0.5 left. The odds if Ecuador wins 0.95 and Japan wins 0.97. If you bet 200 USD on the bottom team, the following cases will happen:

• Japan wins in the end with any score, then you will eat your entire bet. Then the bonus amount the player receives is 200 x 0.97 = 194 USD.

• If Ecuador wins, then you lose your entire bet.

• In case both teams end the match with a final tie, you will win ½ of the bet, and the amount received is 200 x 0.97 = $97.

Experience betting 1/4 handicap for new players

Here are some occasions for your reference:

Find out about the lineups of the two teams

The most crucial factor when winning in football betting is learning about the starting lineups of the two teams—information and data you can find on social networking sites or any media.

Everyone should learn more about the club’s main lineup, injury situation, suspension, and the importance of the match. All of these will help you choose the most accurate bet.

Be careful before choosing a bet.

When playing football betting, being careful is a necessary virtue for everyone. Because if you are too hasty and make the wrong decisions, you will suffer.

Learn more about the types of bets and payout percentages. If you are unsure, do not make a bet based on your feelings and your favorite club.

Football bets KUBET

Above is the concept of 1/4 handicap that Kubet wants to share with you. In general, this type of football bet with relatively high safety and is very suitable for new players with little experience. If you want to experience it, come to KUBET to register and participate today.


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